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Legaltech is growing worldwide and Belgium is no exception !

About LegalTech Belgium

LegalTech Belgium mission is to promote the use of Technology to support Legal Innovation.

Let’s bring the ideas of lawyers, technologies, entrepreneurs, academies and anyone who is up for law and technology together.

The meetups are a perfect opportunity to share different perspectives and gain better insight on current market.

Legal industry is evolving rapidly to meet new market’s expectations

In a growing market, purchasing patterns for legal services are changing. Customers are looking for tech savvy, integrated service providers who offer more than traditional legal advice.

Major Trends in Legal Industry

The market is moving and growing
Major purchasers of legal services are changing their approach to buying services across the globe. Overall, demand for legal services is growing.

Purchasing patterns are changing
Customers are now regularly (re)considering or reviewing their legal suppliers.

Higher expectations from legal services providers
Expectations are not currently being met in a number of crucial areas:
1. Integrated, cross-border advice beyond legal.
2. Use of technology.
3. Regulatory and global compliance advice.
4. Fixed fees, value pricing and greater transparency.

New providers
Demand for alternative or nontraditional legal service providers is increasing A

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